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Lexy Price

Full Name

Dr Lexy Price



Sexual Orientation







Frankie Alan

Portrayed by

Anna Skellern

First Appearance

Episode 2.1

Last Appearance

Episode 2.6

"Well you know what they say. The best way to get over one girl is to get under another."
Lexy Price[src]

Lexy is a naturally witty, straight-talking doctor from Australia who works in the ER department of the local hospital. Lexy comes into the lives of the group when she is interviewed for a flat-mate position and instantly catching the attention of Tess Roberts who is drawn to her - the cynical, but humorous, stranger.

Unlike the other women, Lexy is quick to call people on their bad behaviour and is often quite insightful in her comments. Although she can come across as hard-nosed (particularly when indulging in gallows humour with her fellow, gay, doctor friend, Declan) Lexy is very compassionate and extremely good at her job.


"Playing crockery Jenga?"
Lexy Price[src]

Lexy’s extremely relaxed and doesn't sweat the small stuff. She's been through enough in her life and seen enough in her job in A&E to realise that, if given the choice, it’s better to laugh than to cry.

She has an incredibly dry, devilish sense of humour and is lots of fun to be around.

She's a highly intelligent, incredibly nonjudgmental person and is happy to just let people be themselves in all their quirky glory. Lexy really delights in watching all of idiosyncrasies of Tess and Sadie. She's adventurous in that particular way that Australians often are and is really enjoying living in Scotland and Glasgow and is really enjoying living far from home.

She's not emotionally indulgent and tries to rationalise things instead of feeling them - she likes fixing problems instead of indulging in them. But will be there for you if you need to harp on about yours. Lexy is reliable and very grounded, the kind of friend you can always rely on.

She's been a lesbian all her life and doesn't feel the need to explain or justify her sexuality. And despite herself, she does fall for people very deeply.


Frankie AlanEdit

In Episode 2.1, Frankie reveals that she and Lexy "hooked up" but that she left without saying goodbye, therefore offending Lexy. However, Frankie apologises for this in order that Lexy will stay and become flatmates with her and Tess. Later, at Rubies, they seem to share a similar perspective. They both go to the bathroom stall to snort Coke with Ed MacKenzie and Jay Adams and propped up against one another, they share a smile. Afterwards when they are dancing and then leave together, they are watched jealously by Cat MacKenzie and Tess, who both believe Lexy and Frankie have romantic intentions towards one another. In reality, they are going outside to smoke. Frankie tells Lexy that she wants someone she can't have but that it's no one that Lexy knows. Then she backtracks by saying that she hates Co ke and that it always makes her "spill her guts". Lexy confirms that she is not interested in Frankie when she says that Frankie should sleep with someone else to get over Cat, but not herself as she doesn't make the same mistake twice. Lexy then enquires if Sam Murray is dating Cat and Frankie calls her out on fancying her, but then says that despite Cat and Sam's relationship, she should still go after Sam (implying that Frankie is hoping to tempt Cat away from Sam). A girl then leaves Rubies and walks past Frankie and Lexy and the two both watch her leave contemplatively before looking at one another and laughing.

Sam MurrayEdit

"You're really fit. Uh... I mean, you're really healthy."
Lexy Price to Sam Murray[src]

Sam and Lexy meet in Episode 2.1 and bond over talk of their respective jobs. Later Lexy confesses to Frankie that she fancies Sam. In Episode 2.2, Sam recognises Lexy doubled over and panting for breath after a run. Lexy is obviously embarrassed and makes jokes about her fitness. Sam asks her if she wants to run together and Lexy declines and makes a fool out of herself by saying that Sam is really fit, then realises the double meaning and backtracks. When Cat is taken into A&E, Sam watches from behind the door as Lexy and colleagues attempt to save her. Later, when Sam is going to confront the driver of the vehicle that ran Cat down, Lexy talks her down. In Episode 2.3, Lexy runs into Sam and her dad. They talk awkwardly for a while before heading off in seperate directions. A while later, they encounter each other again on a bridge, chat a little and decide to run together. Another time, they have just finished running (presumably a circuit as they are back on the bridge) and talk a little about Frankie before arranging to meet again and heading home. In Episode 2.4, it seems this has become a more permanent arrangement, as they run together up a hill. Lexy invites Sam to a wine-tasting which she has free tickets for and Sam replies that she'll think about it. Later, Lexy calls her and Sam decides to go with her to the wine tasting. The man running it is very pretentious and after Lexy makes a joke at his expense and Sam keeps laughing, causing them to be evicted. Later they are sitting outside and Lexy asks Sam for advice on her stalker situation. Sam tells her to make a log and record everything that happens. When she learns that Lexy is single, Sam escapes outside and has a panic attack. Lexy finds her and agrees to keep Sam's attacks a secret. After Sam finds Cat's bracelet and watches the CCTV footage of Cat going to Frankie, she comes to Lexy and tells her about it. Sam is livid at Frankie for not telling her after Cat died and Lexy hugs her in an attempt to calm her down. It seems to work, but now Sam is on the edge of tears as she recounts how she's done everything but change the sheets. Then she kisses Lexy and tries to have sex with her, but Lexy is having none of it and pushes her away, knowing that Sam is using her in her grief. Rejected, Sam apologises and Lexy fails in trying to stop her leaving.

Tess RobertsEdit

"Trust me. One of these mornings you'll wake up and she'll be there, licking your face. Or something a bit further down."
Sadie Anderson on Lexy and Tess Roberts' relationship.[src]

Tess is attracted to Lexy because she is confident and really secure about who she is, she’s not vain, she’s into the arts, she likes country and western and she’s a really good laugh. It’s kind of a no-brainer. Lexy however, just sees her as a good friend. But in Episode 2.6, she admits to Declan Love that she is sick of 'falling into the same of old patterns' of finding somebody broken and fixing them, only for them to leave her. Lexy declares that she wants someone to want her for a change (referring to Tess), but when she receives a text from Sam Murray at the interval of Tess's opening night, she goes to be with Sam anyway.

Declan LoveEdit

"What's the difference between that and sex-ray, apart from the fact that I'm actually fucking mine."
Lexy Price to Declan Love about Bea.[src]

Declan is a very welcome relief at work. They share a gallows humour that is very necessary in the world of accident and emergency, where the weight of everyday needs to be lifted in order to survive. Declan is quite self-obsessed but lots of fun to be around and beneath all the bravado, their friendship really matters to them both.


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she somehow lost tess as a friend,
even though it wasn't shown, tess would've been betrayed by lexi, as well as heartbroken
she once flirted with tess when she bended down her leggings,

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